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Unless otherwise noted, content and images are © Shakespeare and Company and cannot be reproduced or posted elsewhere without the shop’s permission. Please contact us for details: [email protected].

Many images found on this website originated from the Shakespeare and Company archive, which has been growing ever since the shop opened in 1951. We continually seek to identify images' photographers and subjects. Should you have information that would help us in this task, we'd be grateful to hear from you. For this or other queries concerning copyright and attribution, please contact [email protected].

When known, photographers' names are credited to images on our Tumblr page, “Down the Rabbit Hole.” To see a photographer's name, click to enlarge the image. The credit will appear above the photograph.

Copyrighted work that appears regularly on this site:
• Archival photos of Lawrence Durrell at the bookshop, 1967, are © Christian Errath.
• Archival photos of Allen Ginsberg at the bookshop, 1994, are © Michelle Campbell.

Illustrators and designers whose works appears regularly on this site:
• Lindsay Yankey, including the illustration of Paris on the Find Us page
• Badaude (aka, Joanna Walsh), including the picture frames on the Homepage. To see
more of Joanna’s work, please visit:
• Jean-Baptiste Marot, including the illustration on the Customization block
• Ohlman Consorti, including the style and colors of the layout blocks


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