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Independent Bookstore

Sell Your Used Books

Selling your used books to Shakespeare and Company

Dear Booksellers,

We buy second-hand English language books on Thursdays only from 10.30am to 5.30pm at our receiving bureau located at 10 rue St Julien le Pauvre, just around the corner from the main bookshop entrance. If you have more than 350 books to sell, please email to arrange an appropriate time to bring your books to the bureau or to discuss the possibility of a home visit.

We are especially interested in paperbacks from the following categories: classic literature, recent popular fiction, sci-fi, Paris or French interest, and contemporary works of history, science, and religion. Books must be in good reading condition; with spines and covers intact; without mildew or damage from moisture; and without loose pages, excessive notes, or underlining. We do not buy CDs, DVDs, encyclopedias, self-help books, romance novels, travel guides, or academic text books.

All books must be evaluated in person; we cannot give a quote for unseen books. In most cases we offer cash for your books, with the exception of large quantities, in which case we will make a direct deposit to your bank account by means of RIB or IBAN. Please always remember to bring a valid government-issued form of identification.

Thank you,
Shakespeare and Company