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First Year with Books

3rd March 2015

One of the most exciting aspects about having a baby is the excuse to discover and re-discover children's literature! This first year, it's been a challenge to reach the end of the story before the pages are torn away or ripped to pieces (that's why you should try the chew proof and washable titles provided by Workman, I've chosen here Jungle Rumble). Here's a selection that includes books that will be entertaining if not for the words but for the object. A waterproof book to play with in the bath, a book to dip into on dull strolls in the pram, a pack of beautifully illustrated cards to throw around the room joyfully, and some easy story books like The Very Busy Spider to read every night together (babies love animal noises and repetition…. it can be a relief to have a conversation with an adult once baby is in bed!).

BySylvia Whitman

First Year with Books

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