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A Sweet Sickness by John Baxter

4th June 2015

Book collecting has been called “a sweet sickness.” Its symptoms include a hunger that only the aroma of paper and the feel of a fine binding can satisfy. This selection of modestly-priced first editions from Shakespeare and Company’s Rare Book Room raises the curtain on the treasures that, for half a century, have made it a Mecca for collectors. But enter at your peril. The bibliophile bug, once caught, can make one, like me, its slave for life.

An expat resident of Paris for more than twenty years, John Baxter is the author of the bestselling memoirs Five Nights in Paris, The Perfect Meal, The Most Beautiful Walk in the World, Immoveable Feast: A Paris Christmas, Paris at the End of the World, and We’ll Always Have Paris. He is the co-director of the Paris Writers Workshop and gives walking tours through Paris. John Baxter lives with his wife and daughter, in the same building Sylvia Beach called home.

See photos and listen to the podcast of John’s brilliant recent event for Five Nights in Paris.

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A Sweet Sickness by John Baxter

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