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Books Every Man Should Read

12th May 2017

I recently read Rebecca Solnit's response to an Esquire reading list entitled "80 books every man should read", a list containing 79 male authors. She responded with a call to expand our capacity for empathy by reading novels by authors and with protagonists that are not just mirrors of ourselves. This is particularly relevant to straight white men who are constantly having their images reflected back at themselves. This bookshelf is aimed at all those men who don't want their sense of empathy to be defined by their gender. I leave you with the far more eloquent Solnit:

These books are, if they are instructions at all, instructions in extending our identities out into the world, human and nonhuman, in imagination as a great act of empathy that lifts you out of yourself, not locks you down into your gender.

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Books Every Man Should Read

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