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The Running Bookshelf

24th May 2017

From the German thriller by Tom Tykwer, Run Lola Run, to Marathon Man directed by John Schlesinger, running is easily captured on screen. But how do you write about running, and why would you? Focus and endurance are two qualities needed both to run and to write. In reality, you run with your head as much as with your legs

Whether as a method of unlocking creativity (Murakami) or as an outlet for built up anti-establishment rage (Sillitoe), running can be meaningful in many ways. Away from the horrifying torture of the treadmill and social pressures to get fit, running for its own sake is a way to explore your physical capacities as well as an empowering act of self-determination as you choose a specific path from myriad possibilities. And running can be a place where biology and philosophy mix together, producing profound meditations on the meaning of life.

ByGersende Guingouain

The Running Bookshelf

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