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Enemies of the People by Sam Jordison

23rd June 2017

I spent a lot of time in weird and ugly corners of the internet while writing Enemies Of The People, but most of the books on this list were also constantly beside me. Many of them provided not only information but wit, righteous anger and new ways of thinking about our problems. Two of them (Atlas Shrugged and Free To Choose) were utter drivel. But they're still important. Everyone should read them. These books have become the foundations of our society. And yet they are ridiculous. The more familiar people become with their ideas, the less power they'll have over us… I hope.

(I also put a PG Wodehouse book on here, because after dealing with these horrors, you may want a reminder that humans can also be wonderful. Leave It To Psmith was the first book I read after I finished writing Enemies Of The People - and it was balm for my soul.)

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Enemies of the People by Sam Jordison

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