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Motherhood by Kitty Lyddon

26th December 2017

This bookshelf was designed to help mothers find a voice to echo their own experiences of the many facets of pregnancy and motherhood. First-time mothers propelled into a world of muslin squares, unrecognisable bodies and shifting relationships will find companionship, solace and even some helpful tips in this selection.

Each of the following authors has articulated in their own way the intense, baffling path to parenthood, which remains shrouded in secrecy despite being walked by so many. You will find personal accounts of pregnancies, practical advice on surviving as a couple, explorations of the extremes of maternal love, the otherworldly experience of childbirth and the redefining of selfhood; both fiction and prose capturing the confusing whirlwind of delight, despair and devotion that defines motherhood.

ByShakespeare and Company

Motherhood by Kitty Lyddon

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