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The Pregnancy Bookshelf

7th June 2018

All human life starts with a pregnancy and yet it is still remarkably underrepresented in published work. Perhaps this is because it is often wrongly considered the exclusive realm of women.

Being pregnant is to fully come up against yourself as a body, in no need of your constant cerebral analysis to function, while at the same time inspiring existential angst the like of which I've never known. The isolation and frustration of not being pregnant when you want to be in Stay With Me, the unsettling sense of paranoia and fear you can feel in the early months, captured oddly well Rosemary's Baby. The strange, delicate wonder of your changing body explored by Maggie Nelson in Argonauts. The gradual awareness of your child's life followed by the sudden realty of their presence that Meaghan O'Connell experiences in her memoir.

These books offer windows into that fleeting, weighty moment when all our lives began.

ByShakespeare and Company

The Pregnancy Bookshelf

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