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A Rubbish Truck Every Minute

17th October 2018

With the recent release of a UN report on global climate crisis, world leaders have been told they have a moral duty to act and The Guardian has stated that it is now a global emergency. It seems time is running out and it is no longer enough to alleviate our conscious by recycling, that's an uphill battle, we need to find new solutions.
Do we really need Coca Cola to make 120 billion plastic bottles every year when it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to break down in the ocean?
Feeling like we are now at a tipping point, we at the bookshop are finally going to make more efforts to improve what we can in our small community and we are starting with plastic. A rubbish truck of plastic enters the ocean every minute and by 2050 plastic will outweigh fish in the ocean. These are just two of the hard-hitting statistics shared in the essential book by Will McCallum.
In the following selection of books, you'll find some really practical step by step ways to live without plastic. It doesn't need to sound daunting, it can be one step at a time and it is truly satisfying when you do it! Reading that the average person in Western Europe uses more than their own body weight in plastic every year, it does seem we can make a difference.

BySylvia Whitman

A Rubbish Truck Every Minute

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