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Our 2019 Summer Reading Bookshelf

28th June 2019

Not all books are for all seasons. Just try reading A Christmas Carol on the beach, and you’ll understand what we mean. Now that the summer has arrived (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) our booksellers have compiled a list of some of the most simmering, sun-kissed and sultry stories, whether you’re reading them in the cool of the mountains or the heat of the metro. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Latin American writers are well-represented, and the continent—specifically Peru—also features in Tintin in the New World, the brilliant product of a heat-oppressed mind if ever there was one. The Secret History manages to be both high literature and an absolutely searing page-turner, while Bonjour Tristesse and The Go-Between are two coming-of-age classics that capture all the steaminess and enchantment of those long adolescent summers. So, kick off your sandals, pour yourself a long, cold drink and enjoy.

ByShakespeare and Company

Our 2019 Summer Reading Bookshelf

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