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Quiet Days in the City

18th September 2019

Our cities are louder and busier than ever before. As we go about our daily lives, surrounded by blasting horns and ringing phones, what could be more luxurious than seeking out a quiet pocket in the city and settling down with a good book? This shelf was created to both inspire and accompany such a quest.

Amid the hustle and bustle, a city offers anonymity. One can lose oneself in the landscapes of streets and parks, observing the world passing by with silent detachment. Countless authors and artists have roamed cities in search of such solitude and introspection: Baudelaire meandered the streets of Paris. Woolf haunted London’s twilight alleys, spurred on by her imagination. Ginsberg found his poetic voice prowling the streets of New York and San Francisco.

Be it a bench bathed in sunshine or a bridge dressed in the soft hues of dusk, cities are mapped with hidden sanctuaries, places where we can bask in solitude and retreat from the babel and blare. There is great comfort in the knowledge that even today, when it can often be all too much, we can manage to withdraw and admire with quiet pleasure the minute particulars of life.

ByShakespeare and Company

Quiet Days in the City

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