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Hope in the Dark

8th October 2019

Sometimes books stop us where we are, they ask us to underline their words, or hold them to our hearts. Sometimes they stop us in our lives, and force us to live differently, as if we could never continue to live the way that we did after having read such a book. This bookshelf is a collection of books that have been so forceful in calling us to action, that we think they must be read by everyone. These books look at the political world we live in, in worlds that have been lived in before and lived through, and tell us that we can not anymore be complacent, that we must act, and with books by our side to show us how we can. Some of these books are about the strength humans have shown in the face of previous conflicts, others are a more immediate response to our current political climate. Above all these books provide us with hope alongside a call to action. In response to Greta Thunberg Call to Climate Action on September 20, we have compiled books that can assist us in our movement, help it to grow and help us to find the words that we cannot always write ourselves but that we must hear and live by.

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Hope in the Dark

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