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Benjamin Brown

Ben spent five years in an antiquarian bookshop in London, forgetting everything he'd learnt on his maths degree, before moving to Paris in 2013. He bided his time working in French bookshops until the right moment came to move into the rare books room in Shakespeare and Company. When he can't be found there he is most likely lounging around in Buttes Chaumont or winding his way through the Marais towards one of his favourite restaurants.

Benjamin’s bookshelves

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Not In Our Time

19th June 2015

History in all its fictionalised glory: from the dazzling magical realism of Saramago, through the hilarious flights of fancy of Farrell, to the minutely studied resurrections of Mantel. These books show that there are myriad ways of approaching historical material, and brilliantly too.

ByBenjamin Brown